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Rose Arbor in Full Bloom Again

28 May 2015

Every year these roses in full bloom speak the language of extravagance in beauty and fragrance!!!

Caitlin and the neighborhood kids are all grown up. So fun to have them home for Mother’s Day!

This year we shot the catalog in a corner cabinet in my living room. I wanted it to have a holiday feel and settled on the oxblood red interior of my antique Danish cupboard for the backgrounds.

I first designed my angels as Christmas ornaments and even thought they have also evolved to be used as home décor designs, I am always excited to show my angels and ornaments all decked out for Christmas!

We have had such a warm and lovely spring and the roses are blooming early. The two images are of David Austin’s ever-blooming hybrid roses; the pink one is “William Morris” and the coppery yellow one is “Pat Austin”. His hybrids retain the forms and perfumed fragrances of old-fashioned English roses, yet, bloom throughout the summer.

The pink one is almost 6” in diameter.

When I see and smell these exquisite and delicious roses, I am in awe of the Divine Designer and I praise our Creator God!

One of my daughter’s best friends was married in Yelapa, Mexico on March 21, 2015. Our darling Haydn married Maciek and family and close friends celebrated with them in the remote paradise of Yelapa, Mexico. This was a precious time for all to cherish and remember, thanks to the bride and groom who made this happen!

I have included pictures of the wedding as well as the beach and bay of the village of Yelapa. Yelapa is a 45 minute boat ride south of Puerto Vallarta, accessible only by boat with no cars and no roads. Our lives were touched by the sweet love of Maciek and Haydn and the joy of being together far from the madding crowd.

My last image shows the limpet shells I collected on the beach. So along with the wonderful memories and images of this time, I also have my shell tokens to inspire new designs.

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