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Trip to Haiti

12 February 2015

My daughter, Caitlin and I visited Haiti the last week of January. We were encouraged by the many improvements we encountered since we had been there 15 years ago.

Haiti suffered greatly during the 2010 earthquake that killed 400,000 people (almost 5% of their entire population). With the death toll so great and the suffering and devastation widespread, it is hard to image that some good came out of this disaster. But, in fact, it did! The money and aid workers poured in from all over the globe and Haiti survived and there are now openings of light and hope for a better future.

It was difficult to see some of the same old challenges like the garbage dumped everywhere on the streets and the land and the beaches, but in the cities I visited there were newly paved streets that were clean, greatly improved roads and several country beaches I saw were free from garbage. There were also some businesses that you could actually buy some interesting products made in Haiti. And the hotel and restaurant businesses are greatly improved to service the aid industry.

My photo images open with fishing boats in the early morning off the coast of Les Cayes, so lovely and picturesque, it’s hard to imagine the piles of garbage covering the beaches that I selectively left out. Images of street vendors in Port au Prince, Caitlin talking to a group of school children and the wonderful old French colonial architecture that still survives in downtown Les Cayes are uplifting and will someday make the garage strewn beaches and streets a thing of the past.

This country on an island in the Caribbean is challenged but I am believing in a good future for Haiti. There are many Haitians working for good. There are also some wonderful people from outside the country that we met there that love the Haitians and are bringing good help to make a difference.

While I was there I was inspired to pray Psalm 85 for Haiti and am committed to continue this. I have included it here to encourage you to also pray for Haiti.

Prayer for Haiti according to the Word of God in Psalm 85

Lord, you have poured out amazing blessings on the land of Haiti! You have restored the fortunes of Haiti, and forgiven Haiti’s sins – yes, covered over each one, so that all Your wrath, your blazing anger, is now ended.

Now bring Haiti back to loving you, O Lord, so that Your anger will never need rise against Haiti again. (Or will You be always angry – on and on to distant generations?) Oh, revive Haiti! Then the Haitian people can rejoice in You again. Pour out Your love and kindness on them, Lord, and grant them Your salvation.

Haiti is listening carefully to all the Lord is saying – for He speaks peace to his people, His saints, if they will only stop their sinning. Surely His salvation is near to those who reverence him; Haiti will be filled with his glory.

Love and faithfulness meet together. Righteousness and peace kiss each other! Faithfulness and truth rise from the earth and righteousness smiles down from heaven.

Yes, the Lord pours down his blessings on Haiti and the land of Haiti will yield its harvest. Justice goes before Him to make a pathway for His steps.

Last Year I left for Paris late in the day on Christmas.

We celebrated Christmas before I left but I wanted to keep it very simple. No time to take down the tree or put away the ornaments and lights. I chose the tiniest tree, a fresh little Noble Fir. I added only a few red hearts that I had made from an antique quilt years ago and wrapped all the gifts in red patterned papers.

We enjoyed a festive Christmas without all the fanfare.

When a sunny day follows the fall rains in Oregon you can be sure that the mushrooms are popping up and it’s time for a day of gathering them in the forest of the coastal mountains.

The first mushroom image is an almost 3 pound King Boletus mushroom. The French call these mushrooms ‘ceps’ and the Italians ‘porcini’, but whatever you call it, I call it delicious. This mushroom starred in my Thanksgiving dressing and gravy.

The common name of the last image of mushrooms is horse mushrooms. It is the mushroom that was developed into the white grocery store mushroom. It’s more fun to pick them that buy them! (:

These glorious fall leaves decorate and light up our lives with a golden glow.

My first job when I get to the beach is to pick the sweet peas. I have picked bouquet after bouquet and still there are more! What a summer of precious blooms, too many to even pick.

This is simply one of my favorite things to do in the whole world. And then to bring them in the house and experience their beauty and delicious fragrance, this is a little of heaven on earth.

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