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Margaret Furlong Hannah Necklace - 2012 Jewelry

I wanted to share with you how the recent introduction of the 2012 Hannah Necklace came about in our jewelry line.

Actually the idea of updating a cameo and producing it in porcelain was my daughter, Caitlin’s idea. I have several beautiful old cameos and Caitlin grew up with me wearing these. Right away, I loved Caitlin’s idea and couldn’t wait to finish the first design, the Cameo Bella so I could start wearing it.

I combined the Cameo Bella Charm and the Porcelain Pearl Charm in the Hannah Necklace and named it after our darling neighbor girl, Hannah who grew up with Caitlin and is now a beautiful grown up woman.

I have a new oval cameo charm and necklace in the works. Look for it later this spring.

love 2 u necklace

I am introducing the love 2 u necklace just in time for Valentine’s. Tiny forget-me-nots surround roses on my new heart charm: Love Remembers.

Last Sunday’s Statesman Journal in Salem, OR featured my new jewelry line. The article above plus a video and more can be accessed with this link at

The color I chose for the packaging of my new jewelry line is inspired by orange coral from the sea. I matched the color to a coral necklace that I have had for over 30 years. This necklace is wrapped around a sea urchin in one of the photo images I have included.

I used this rich coral color on the inside and bottom of the jewelry box. The white lid displays our logo on the top.

I am having so much fun designing the displays for my jewelry line. I have used the coral color from the package to paint a wooden artist’s hand to hold a necklace. These display hands are available to the stores that sell my jewelry.

The last image I included is a sea star I photographed in a tide pool at the beach last month. This solitary star was in a small depression on the Neskowin beach. It seemed to affirm my choice of color for the jewelry boxes.

My daughter, Caitlin, designed a sweet little catalog for our new jewelry line. Here are few pictures from the catalog photo shoot, some we used and some we didn’t. Caitlin styled the photos as well as modeled in some of the shots. Our sweet friend, Maddie modeled the Star and Pearl starter necklaces. Hamil was the photographer.

Our new jewelry line is ready to go and we are just now making it available to purchase.

You may go to to see the complete line and detailed photos of the 11 charms and 3 necklaces.

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