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Rose Arbor in Full Bloom Again

28 May 2015

Every year these roses in full bloom speak the language of extravagance in beauty and fragrance!!!

We have had such a warm and lovely spring and the roses are blooming early. The two images are of David Austin’s ever-blooming hybrid roses; the pink one is “William Morris” and the coppery yellow one is “Pat Austin”. His hybrids retain the forms and perfumed fragrances of old-fashioned English roses, yet, bloom throughout the summer.

The pink one is almost 6” in diameter.

When I see and smell these exquisite and delicious roses, I am in awe of the Divine Designer and I praise our Creator God!

These glorious fall leaves decorate and light up our lives with a golden glow.

I have shared photos of my rose arbor in bloom previously but it is so beautiful and fragrant that it bears celebrating again this year. These photos were taken in June so it’s time to publish them. (:

The white blooms are City of York climbers and they are vigorous growers. I keep them cut back and pruned so they do not completely cover the arbor to make room for four David Austin roses. The David Austin roses really make their presence known with a profusion of pinks, oranges and golds.

The fragrances of these roses are intoxicating when I walk under the arbor. I bury my nose in a bloom with my eyes closed and I am lost for a moment in its rosy perfume of spices or lemons.

Early morning and late evening light create my favorite views in the garden. When the angle of light is low the contrasts and shadows are strong and create images that are distinct and powerful.

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