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Most mornings we made two stops; first at a patisserie for a quick and oh soooo delicious pastry and then again for coffee.  This particular morning we sat down for a leisurely breakfast at a small, classically French restaurant.

When they served my breakfast, it was so attractively arranged and the butter pot was covered in vellum, printed with the name and address of the restaurant. I had to photograph it!

It all tasted as good as it looked and we were off to see the fine sights of Paris.

4 Responses to “Breakfast in Paris”

  1. Connie Deems

    I loved the Paris script. I was fortunate to spend three weeks in France and a few precious days in Paris. We stayed at the Brighton Hotel and we had the most wonderful view of the Eiffel Tower at night . I had no idea it sparkled ,so we watched in awe the first night.
    I left my Christmas tree covered in your precious angels and stars . My grandchildren are so entranced with it .As we are now in Florida in March I will wrap them up ,but it is always a sad time for me. I lost most of my angels bought in the 1980’s and 1990’s when we moved , some how the box was crushed. I have been slowly replacing them buying them from eBay. I will read the rest of your stories later. Thank you for the joy you have brought me through the years.

  2. Margaret Furlong

    Thank you for sharing…both your Paris visit and your angel story. I’m glad that you were able to replace the angels you lost in your move. And thank you sooo much for collecting my designs!

  3. Elise

    What do you have in the two small pots with spoons in them? I can almost taste the coffee..

  4. Margaret Furlong

    There were two kinds of jam in the two small pots and both were delicious and tasted homemade on the baguette and the pound cake. Kind of a sweet start for the day but when in Paris do as the Parisians do (:

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