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I just finished a new design…the Mothers Angel! This angel celebrates mothers and motherhood. The first love we experience is the sweetest and most tender love from our mothers. I designed this angel to return this first love back to bless and thank our mothers for their faithful loving kindness. This little angel Is carrying the message, “Mother I love you!”

This 4″ design is the first in a new Family Collection. Our connection to our families is the glue that holds us together. This collection of angels celebrates these relationships. Two more angels will follow later this year, a 3” Daughters Angel and a 3″ Sisters Angel. The context of family is vital to our happiness so sometimes our families are not biological but consist of those whose love is reciprocated and we call them family too and they truly are!

I love the blooms of spring and I love to bring the springtime inside with bouquets of these early blooms.

These branches of white blossoms are from wild plum trees that grow along the Willamette River; lovely souvenirs from my after lunch walk.

I am happy to be all finished with my 2014 angels. Two of my designs were influenced by my recent trip to France. I found such an interesting variety of the Fleur-de-lis in the tile and walls of a little side chapel of a church in a small town of France. There were little spheres tucked inside the top petals of the lily image. I researched this to find out that they represented the stamens of the lily blossom. My 4” angel holds this Fleur-de-lis.

My 3” angel holds a mistletoe bouquet that was influenced by the bare branched winter trees decorated with globes of mistletoe all over the French countryside.

Merci pour les souvenirs.

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