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The Sweet Peas are blooming and I like to pick these beautiful blossoms early in the morning, fresh with the fragrance of heaven.

When I bring them in to the house they perfume the whole room. Although I am so fond of most every flower, these are my favorite.

I recently returned from a trip to Atlanta to attend the Summer Gift Show there. It was a quick trip for a sales meeting and signing event and back on the plane home. We now have a new sales agency there who will be selling our line to the accounts in the Southeast. The agency is 225 Unlimited, Inc.

I arrived in Atlanta in the early evening just in time to watch a summer storm come in out my hotel window.

On the way home I photographed Mt Hood as we were about to land in Portland.

We would like to show you how to clean your Margaret Furlong Jewelry.

My favorite Clematis is Clematis jackmanii. It is certainly one of the most common, but in full bloom there is nothing common about this profuse blooming climber. Surely it is one of the loveliest!

When the roses are blooming, I want to enjoy them inside and out. One of my favorite arrangements is a simple handful of the same color of roses.

Because I live in a tree-lined neighborhood without an extravagant amount of sun, my roses tend to be short stemmed. They do however make the sweetest cottage bouquets.  Their spicy, lemony, rosy perfumes fill my home.

I know summer is here when the fragrance of roses fills the air inside and out!

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