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2012 Margaret Furlong Angels

The 4” Trust Angel joins the 2” and 3” angels to complete the 2012 trio of new angels. The ribbon of “trust” wraps around the heart of the 4” angel.

I have photographed our new angels in the midst of photos of family and friends just the way I have these angels arranged at home. I am remembering the joy and love from the times and seasons of life and celebrating my loved ones!

Check out the new 4” Trust Angel on my website by clicking here.

2012 Love Angel-Margaret Furlong

It seems that the subject of love is never exhausted. Just when you think you’re getting closer to functioning in love, your understanding goes deeper and the challenge enlarges. Love is big and I believe that we are capable of growing in love as we practice and pursue it, then we can experience the Kingdom of God on earth because God is love!!!

I created this 3” Love Angel so I could learn more and more how to function in this highest form of human activity, “…and the greatest of these is love”.

Check out the new 3” Love Angel on my website by clicking here.


When I woke up this morning it was snowing and cold enough to actually stick. Some winters it doesn’t snow at all where I live in Oregon and never this late in the year. It’s past noon and still snowing. Well, it’s beautiful and fun and we are enjoying it.

The photograph is my back yard garden shot early this morning!

Margaret Furlong- Fun with Frames

This antique gold frame holds a sweet little impressionistic watercolor that my neighbor and friend, Kathleen Upjohn painted and gave to me. The chartreuse ceramic pear crowns the top. This pear was also made by an artist friend of mine, Mary Lou Zeek.  It matches the yellows and greens in the watercolor and makes you smile.

I restored some of the missing detail and chips in this frame. I also left some of the imperfections.

I didn’t want the frame to look new and shiny but to reveal its age and some of the scars of its history. This patina results in a lovely, rich character that sets off the watercolor landscape and pear crown.

2012 Joy Angel-Margaret Furlong

I created this little angel because it seems that when I choose a theme to use in a design, I begin to learn more and more about it. I want to learn more about joy. I want more joy in my life and I want to actively pursue it.

I first began to look back in my life and remember the especially joyful times. I know that the birth of my daughter, Caitlin, was at the top; it was a rich and exquisite joy like I had never experienced before.   I looked carefully at this experience and other wonderful times of my life so I could boil joy down to its essence, so to speak. I want to be able to practice with more frequency the basic tenets of this golden emotion.

I have heard many times that if you are feeling down, go out and do something for someone else and it will lift your spirits. I believe there is a lot of truth in this, but I also believe that you need to be filled up with some good things before you can give away anything of value.

When I wrote the enclosure & website copy for this Joy Angel, I wrote, “In the receiving and giving of love, joy wells up inside and blossoms in our hearts.” I put receive first because I believe this is the right order. When we receive love, we are then primed to give it. After that it just goes back and forth and back and forth and joy complete is the final result.

Check out this new angel and the new 3” Love Angel on my website by clicking here.

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