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An antique gold frame gives this sweet little botanical an elegant home and its deep molding is the perfect shelf for a miniature botanical still life.

The tiny tree is the skeleton of a topiary thyme tree that I had in a pot outside for a four or five years. When it died, I rinsed off the soil from the roots and brought it inside to find it a new home. I had trained this thyme tree from a cutting and didn’t want to assign it to the compost pile. I get rather attached to these dear little trees. I was glad to crown this framed botanical with this stately little tree.

A dried lime that I silver leafed is the sphere form next to the tree and completes this rather dramatic addition to the framed print.

Fun with Frames

I have this desire to add top decorations to the art, prints, collages etc. that I have framed on my walls. Once I have framed and hung a picture, I realize I have this mini shelf all ready for a touch of whimsy. The fun part is that this is nothing hurried or too intentional. I will simply have gathered something from the garden or the sea or maybe something from my little piles of vintage collections. If the color and or texture match and maybe even the subject matter match, I’ll balance or tuck it on top and see if it works.

Here I have framed a little collage I made from seaweed that I collected on the beach. While the seaweed was still wet and pliable I formed and glued several pieces into an M for my own distinctive monogram.

For my top decoration, I added a dried flower head from garlic chives and a feather, both from my back yard. It’s a color and texture match and I enjoy it everyday as I cook and work in the kitchen.

love 2 u necklace

I am introducing the love 2 u necklace just in time for Valentine’s. Tiny forget-me-nots surround roses on my new heart charm: Love Remembers.

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