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My daughter, Caitlin, designed a sweet little catalog for our new jewelry line. Here are few pictures from the catalog photo shoot, some we used and some we didn’t. Caitlin styled the photos as well as modeled in some of the shots. Our sweet friend, Maddie modeled the Star and Pearl starter necklaces. Hamil was the photographer.

Our new jewelry line is ready to go and we are just now making it available to purchase.

You may go to to see the complete line and detailed photos of the 11 charms and 3 necklaces.

When I am in the backyard on a July evening, the fragrance of my Star Jasmine sweetens the air. It is really a lovely experience. Sometimes it takes me by surprise and makes me stop and move to where the Jasmine vine thrives on an arbor surrounding an old stone bench. A beautiful fragrance first fills my nose and then occupies my mind clearing it of all mundane cares and takes me for a little while to a heavenly place.

I believe my two favorite flower fragrances are jasmine and sweet peas because they both fill the air outside in the garden and also inside when I make bouquets for the house.

I cut a jasmine branch and combined it with a small bouquet of white sweet peas for a whimsical little arrangement on my living room mantle. The long jasmine branch loops into a green handle in this arrangement.

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