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Margaret and Caitlin

Twenty Years Later

This first photograph of my daughter, Caitlin, and me was published in the 1990 catalog and the second photograph was taken earlier this year in New Zealand when I was visiting Caitlin. Even though 20 years have passed, Caitlin is still my little girl and it is fun to share this recent photo of both of us together.

Caitlin moved to New Zealand after she finished her BFA in Graphic Design. While she was there, she worked for a design firm in Wellington. It was wonderful to know that she was following in my footsteps as an artist and designer, but difficult to have her so far away.

To my delight, she has just recently moved back to the U.S. and is here helping us at MFD with some marketing projects and also on a new product line. We are having so much fun! I appreciate her fresh perspective and the contributions she’s been making to the new line.  Both Caitlin and I are very excited about this new endeavor that will be available in January of 2011.

For right now, Caitlin and I are both contributing articles in this Christmas Ideas section of the website. I hope you are enjoying this new section in our website. We have provided a place for you to comment on these articles and also you will be able to read the comments from others. We love hearing from you!

Antique Wall Cabinets Decorated with Margaret Furlong Angels

Display Your Angels and Ornaments in Antique Wall Cabinets

Three angels and a set of ornaments are tucked into the same cabinet two different ways to show you how you might want to display some of the pieces of your MF collection in a wall cabinet. The cabinet I am using here is a 19th Century Scandinavian kitchen cabinet with a top shelf detailed to display a spoon collection.

The first cabinet shows a grouping of a 3” angel, a 4” angel and a 5” angel together with the “Winter Jewels” Snowflakes. The interior of the cabinet still retains the original oxblood paint, a wonderful rich red. The white porcelain angels and ornaments show up dramatically against this background. I have added Rose Medallion plates and tea cups, dried rosy red Hydrangeas and a potted topiary tree of thyme from my garden for richness and variety.

In the second cabinet I have again used the trio of angels, but this time added stars to the mix. The set of “Pocketful of Stars” decorate the top row and the open door, while a Morning Star is centered in a herbal wreath next to the angels. On top of the cabinet, I have added traditional Christmas greens and a reproduction of an antique feather tree with more stars and red ribbon.

My ornaments are not just for the tree, but can be used in a variety of ways to decorate your home for the Holidays. Using them in a cabinet is one way to do this and the ideas shown above can be transferred to decorate a shelf or two in a China cabinet or a bookcase. Gather up some greens, herbs or dried flowers from your garden or the florist and arrange them with the porcelain ornaments.


  1. Each angel comes with an acrylic stand so that they may be displayed on any flat surface in your home. I have also designed porcelain easels for display and that add an elegant touch.  Set up your angels on easels in your cabinet.
  2. Arrange several plates and cups around them that will communicate the idea of a Christmas tea party. Or arrange a miniature wreath that features a star in the middle and a miniature tree, again adorned with stars to echo your larger Christmas tree.
  3. Add some “Winter Jewels” or stars on the back of the cabinet. I like to use Museum wax (sometimes called candle wax or sticky wax) to attach the ornaments so you do not damage the surface. This wax may be removed with warm soapy water when you take them down.
  4. Tuck in greens and/or dried flowers to complete the display.
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