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Margaret Furlong Tree

A Small Tree is Simple and Charming

With a vintage floral basket, a small Noble Fir tree, two “Pocketful of Stars” sets, one angel for the top and ribbon for extra bows, you can create this simple and charming tree. Use it for the entry way to welcome your guests or anyplace else you want to add Christmas décor to your home.
I have several of these vintage floral baskets with over-sized handles. When I use them for small Christmas trees, I love how the handle frames the tree with the top and a few branches breaking out of the “frame”. The handle is very practical too as I use it to wire the tree top onto it to stabilize the tree and keep it straight.
So many times we make things more complicated than they have to be. I know that there were times when I ran out of time before a photo shoot or a Christmas tea and I had to come up with some things fast and easy at the very last minute. Many of these decorations turned out to be my favorites and this is one. White stars on a green tree is so simple. The finished tree goes with different styles of decorating as well as any color scheme. I didn’t even use lights on this tree, but you certainly could if you wanted to.


  1. Find a vintage flower basket, preferably white or some wonderful shade of green, slightly faded with patinas of age. Vintage flower baskets with handles are still pretty easy to find in antique malls and shops. They are also reasonably priced and fun to use not only at Christmas but also for entertaining all year round with flowers and plants in the summer on a covered porch. I have planted an annual flowering climber like Thunbergia twining around the handle.
  2. Use dampened potting soil in the basket’s container to hold the tree and continue to keep the soil moist. Wire the tree top to the handle where it intersects.
  3. Tie some 3/8” wide ivory ribbon into simple bows. Hang your “Pocketful of Stars” porcelain stars with the ribbon bows and wire an angel on top to finish. I used a 4” angel for the tree top.


You don’t have to follow this specific “How To”  but let it recharge your own ideas to do something simple and striking that adds some quick pizzazz to your holiday home.

Blooms of Hope-Margaret Furlong Designs

A Celebration of the Season with a Christmas Tree Decorated in White and Light

I have heard from many collectors that they do a tree with just my ornaments and of course this is what we do each year at our studio. We love the creative challenge to do it differently each year. Our white bisque ornaments are always the focus of the trees so we add a variety of additions that enrich the overall look but still do not diminish the drama of the white ornaments against the deep green of the evergreen tree.

The image above is one example; here we have focused on the detail of the Blooms of Hope Cross with antique lamp beading used as tree garland. I found this lamp beading in an antique store and was delighted with the frosted and silver beads woven on black silk edging. The small white twinkle lights illuminate the beads and define the detail of my porcelain ornaments for a rich but simple symphony of white and light on the Christmas tree.


  1. Use any size of white lights only.
  2. Find all your Margaret Furlong ornaments and select the size of tree that will be filled up with these.
  3. Look for elegant but simple glass and silver ornament or non-ornaments that you can add. I love the different sizes of old silver glass balls. Look for these at Good Will or other thrift shops; they are especially nice if they are imperfect and crackled with “patina” of age. They are very inexpensive, wonderful and add a lot of glamour.
    I also like to add clear glass balls and icicles that I have collected over the years.


No matter what the color scheme, simple or complex, I most always accessorize my ornaments with

  1. antique or vintage objects or ornaments – an infinite variety of choices here –be creative
  2. fresh or dried things from nature like herbs, berries, leaves, fruit, shells, sea fans, coral, ferns, seed pods, bare branches, moss, etc. I like gingerbread cookies too because you can choose a shape that compliments your theme and add a very simple edge or linear design of frosting that matches your colors.
  3. Lovely ribbons.
Margaret Furlong Angel Wreath

Angel Wreath Made By Margaret Furlong

Are you getting ready to put your angels out for Christmas? A lovely way to decorate inside or outside your home is to use your angels on a wreath. With each unique angel, memories of past Christmas come together in a rich circle of holiday themes.

I like to use ribbons to match my Christmas colors, and also find beautiful natural gleanings from my garden to add to an evergreen wreath. Here I tucked stems of lavender and red berries behind and peaking out from each angel. The six 4” angels I selected  are a collection of six different angel designs.


  1. Wire the angels on first. Loop a wire through the ribbon holder on the back of the 4” angel. Thread the two wire ends separately through to the back of the wreath and then tie together. Be sure this attachment is snug because the angels need to be nestled in tightly. This sets you up to add the ribbons.
  2. Tuck the ribbon bows behind each head – no wiring or gluing needed.
  3. And now finish it up with hot gluing your fresh or dried gleaning from the garden.

You will have created a wreath rich with meaning and festive materials for your holiday home.

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